JMW Turner Videos

5-minute meditation with Turner’s ‘Rain, Steam, and Speed’ | National Gallery

This is amazing. A five-minute slow-looking exercise to enjoy the details of Joseph Mallord William Turner’s ‘Rain, Steam and Speed’.

History JMW Turner

Great Artists: J. M. W. Turner – Britain’s ‘Painter of Light’ Who Chronicled a Changing Nation

J. M. W. Turner was a prolific and brilliant artist often called the ‘painter of light’, who revolutionized landscape painting and set the stage for Impressionism and the development of abstract art. He became very wealthy from his work and increasingly eccentric. He never married but had two daughters from one lover and lived for […]

John Constable Videos

Constable: A Country Rebel – BBC Documentary about John Constable

The Haywain by John Constable is such a comfortingly familiar image of rural Britain that it is difficult to believe it was ever regarded as a revolutionary painting, but in this film, made in conjunction with a landmark exhibition at the V&A, Alastair Sooke discovers that Constable was painting in a way that was completely […]

Churchill Videos

Churchill and His Paintings

A short video from the British Pathé archive about Sir Winston Churchill and his paintings.